[IIU] Which compressed format sucks the least (was Music for all!)

Richard Bannister richard at indigo.ie
Fri Jan 7 06:58:51 CST 2005

On 7 Jan 2005, at 12:19, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:

> I don't consider mp3 worth putting anywhere even close to my ears.
> Ogg is the baseline comparison.

Which just goes to show how subjective all these encodings are.

I've just set up some test files, and would be curious to know what 
people think sounds best using something approaching a blind test.

I've used an eleven second clip of Carmina Burana (it was supposed to 
be ten, but I cut it on a phrase boundary). The original is here:


Then, I have encoded the file three times, with Ogg, AAC, and MP3. I've 
then decoded the files back to wav.


I'll send reply later indicating which is which.


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